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2007年 08月 22日 的归档

BasicLinux 3M内存就可以用的linux

主页: http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/baslinux/


Welcome to BasicLinux 3.5
BL3 is a mini-Linux designed specifically for old PCs. It provides a slim 2.2.26 kernel, a user-friendly shell and an assortment of utilities. BL3 includes a web browser, comm program, mail client, telnet client, wget, dhcp and dial-up ppp. It also includes a small-footprint GUI and is able to run remote X (via network) with as little as 4mb RAM.Minimum requirements
Intel 386 or compatible
3mb RAM
DOS (or Windows 95/98 running in DOS mode)

Starting BasicLinux
Unzip BL3-5x.zip to the C:\baslin directory. The directory must be called baslin, and it must be a top directory (not a sub-directory of another directory).

If you have less than 8mb RAM, you must activate swap memory. You do this by unzipping swap.zip (in C:\baslin).

To start BL3, type BOOT and press the ENTER key.

To boot correctly, BL3 needs a relatively clean DOS. If BL3 refuses to boot (or it crashes when you try to run X), start your DOS without extras: no CONFIG.SYS, no AUTOEXEC.BAT, no Windows.

PCMCIA (optional)
BL3 is able to use standard PCMCIA cards (but not cardbus cards).
To activate a PCMIA card, insert it in the slot and then execute: /etc/pcmcia/start

Networking (optional)
If you have a suitable ethernet card, you can utilize it in BasicLinux.
The steps are outlined in the file “netsetup” (in the /root directory).
Just edit “netsetup” to match your situation and execute it.

If you have a suitable modem, you can run pppsetup to configure a dial-up connection to your Internet Service Provider. Note: many of the modems in Windows computers are designed to work only with Windows — they do not
work with BasicLinux.

Installing BasicLinux to an ext2 partition (optional)
From inside BL3, use fdisk and mke2fs to create a Linux partition on your
harddisk. Mount that partition at /hd and execute install-to-hd.

BasicLinux is free software. I have done my best to make it error-free, but there is no guarantee regarding its fitness for any purpose. You use it at your own risk.

BasicLinux 3 is designed for old PCs with limited RAM. It is not suitable for mission-critical systems and should not be used on systems containing irreplacable data.